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The Power Of Belief

The subtle yet incredulous power of belief operates in profound ways throughout your life. In exploring the magic of believing it's acknowledged that with invisible power, beliefs instigate a ripple affect of energy that flows from your mind to the outside world.

Your believing causes your feelings and emotions, and in turn, related opportunities and obstacles are identified, and action in line with the belief is taken. Just as the power of belief ripples outward into the world, it ripples inward to affect every cell of your body!

The reality that your thoughts intimately affect your body is explored in the article As A Man Thinketh where water research by Masaru Emoto is outlined. Further explanation of what happens when you believe is offered through the groundbreaking scientific work of Bruce Lipton in his book The Biology of Belief.

Part 4 of the Art and Magic of Believing continues to explore the miracle of the mind-body connection by looking at:

  • obvious connections between what you believe and how it affects your body
  • how your perception of reality affects your cells
  • what Lipton encourages you focus on to understand what is going on in your body
  • what you reflect through your physical being
  • what your beliefs are costing you
  • beliefs that 'bring you down', and beliefs that empower you

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"Our thoughts determine our carriage, our facial expression,
our conversation... for what we are outwardly
comes as a result of what we think habitually."

Claude Bristol

"When we believe something, our matter actually conforms to that belief."

Greg Braden

Find the beliefs that empower you, others, and the world. Those are the very ones that will make not only your heart sing, but every cell in your body!

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