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Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Over the past decade, it was a rarity for me to practice random acts of kindness, and it seemed that I hardly ever heard about it either. It wasn't getting much press.

Recently I looked into it again, and I was very pleased to find that although it may have not been forefront on my radar, it is a vibrant and continually growing practice among many groups and communities today.

The early growth and acknowledgment of the movement is thanks to people like those at Conari Press that published the inspiring book, Random Acts of Kindness, all those years ago. The inspiration it fostered has helped give rise to numerous kindness initiatives all over the world.

  • Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
  • Random Act of Kindness week
  • Acts of Random Kindness (ARK)
  • Countless individual acts of random kindness by people inspired by the message

I became re-inspired for practicing random acts of kindness, and started having a bit of fun with it.

The continued growth of the acts of kindness movement are thanks to everyday people like us. Are you ready to surprise someone with an act of random kindness, or maybe you remember a time when you did?

You can be sure that when you do, or you recall a kind act, you'll have the familiar warm and fuzzy feelings accompany the memory. Let's share those wonderful inspirational stories!


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