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Prayer for the Day

This prayer for the day is full of thanksgiving and sincerity. I know it comes from the heart... these are my mothers words.

Her incredible faith has carried her well on her journey of life, and she continues on with thankfulness, love, and hope for the unknown.

My Prayer for Today

Pam Johnson
Alberta, Canada

Thank you God for a pair of eyes
That I may see thy way
And let me stop and gaze upon
The beauty of each day.

Thank you God for my two ears
That I may hear you say,
"Come my friend and follow me
And I will lead the way."

Thank you God for a pair of feet
That I may follow you,
And tread along lifes' narrow path
In search of all that's true.

Thank you God for my two hands
That work I'll surely do,
Let me toil from morn 'til night
And let it pleaseth you.

Thank you God for health and strength,
For food and friends and home,
Let me daily talk with you
And never walk alone.

Thank you God for love and hope,
I too, some day will die,
Then open up your gates for me,
I pray, "don't pass me by".

Pam Johnson

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