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Purpose And Passion In Life

Purpose and passion in life are intricately entwined. They happily exist hand in hand, and sometimes they are one and the same.

Traits associated with acting from life passion and life purpose:

  • overflowing enthusiasm
  • unstoppable self motivation
  • a great feeling of satisfaction with life
  • desire to share
  • feelings of high self worth
  • doing what you love, loving what you do

These are powerful feelings for living a joyful and successful life. We all have things we love doing that generate these great feelings. However, passion and purpose may be ill defined, or simply get buried in our busy lives. They are disregarded for a variety of reasons. It might seem there just isn't a logical way to make them a priority. So we don't designate a time and place for them.

Living your purpose and passion in life is not something you should do 'just when it seems logical'. These are the greatest gifts you have, and honoring them delivers the keys to happiness.

So why do people not honor their life passion and purpose? Likely reasons include:

  • lack of awareness of what their purpose and passion in life are
  • they don't have the self belief and conviction to carry them out
  • are unaware of the rich rewards reaped by doing so
  • they don't create an obvious financial reward, so it's believed they can't be justified

Acting With Purpose And Passion In Life

For some people, discovering and living their life purpose and passion was as natural as breathing. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart practiced his love of music from the age of three. One of my brothers knew from the time he was a teenager that he wanted to be an actor.

gardening as your purpose and passion in life

This sort of direct perception of life passion is like hearing the voice of your inner spiritual life. An inner wisdom or knowing has spoken, and been heeded.

For many of us, acknowledging our personal mission has been more elusive. It's been more like learning to walk,... lot's of falling down involved, and... hopefully getting up again!

Exercises for finding your passion will strengthen those weak muscles and help you firmly stand up on your own, and move towards your success.

It might be that even when you discover your life purpose, you feel paralyzed. It's like you are unable to move towards it. In some ways it seems 'easier' just to ignore it and not change the status quo.

However, think about the rewards a child has in taking those first few risky steps... never sure if he'll make it, or where it will take him. Moving forward happens when there is self belief... I know I can do it! Cultivating strong self empowerment helps all of us to fearlessly express the life purpose and passion that we have identified.

The rewards are bountiful. The greatest perhaps is that we are doing what we love. And you don't have to believe me... these words are from one of the wealthiest men on the planet:

"I may have more money than you,
but money doesn't make the difference. If there is any difference
between you and me it may simply be that
I get up every day and have a chance to do what I love to do,
every day. If you learn anything from me,
this is the best advice I can give you."
Warren Buffet

Discover Your Life Purpose And Passion And Stay The Course

Our souls drop hints and pleas throughout our lives, and cheer us on toward living our passion and purpose. Nurture this through:

  • quiet time to just be with yourself
  • appreciate nature and marvel at it's grandeur
  • set aside a regular time for meditation

These practices assist us in keeping on track by tuning us in more closely to the signals from life inspiration, our intuition or superconsciousness.

Life will continue to offer up options and challenges to our direction. We are forever adapting and adjusting the course we steer. Think about when you are driving your car. You have your destination in mind and you continually adjust your steering to stay on course. Your life passion may change somewhat as you travel your road, or it may take you down a different road than what you 'planned'.

fork in the road

You can be sure, as long as you keep an open loving communication with your heart, you'll keep altering your course appropriately. You will remain on your fulfilling path of purpose and passion in life.

Daily,.. dream big, re-affirm your direction, re-commit to it, and enjoy your journey of success and contribution.

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