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What Is Your Self Concept Telling You?

Your self concept is the way that you think about yourself in relation to the world, and the qualities that you ascribe to yourself.

How do you think you have performed today? Is your self talk positive? It better be because we are persistently telling ourselves who we think we are!

self concept


Are you a person of your word? Do you actually do what you say you will do?

  1. All the time
  2. Some of the time
  3. Never

Whatever your answer is to this, that answer will create certain thoughts in your mind. You might think:

  1. I am absolutely a person of my word
  2. Well I try to do what I say, but sometimes other things get in the way
  3. I'm definitely not a person of my word and cannot be trusted to do as I say

You might also conclude, based on your self reflection and what you know of the world, that you therefore have the qualities of a reliable or an unreliable person.

Developing Self Concept and Self Esteem

There is a dynamic inter-relationship between thoughts, beliefs, and personal core values.

They all feed into your self concept and self esteem development, and in turn, your self empowerment.

  • Empowering beliefs such as 'I am capable of achieving anything I desire to', support your hopes and dreams.

  • If you hold negative beliefs such as 'I am not worthy to do what I dream of', you are undermining your potential.

    Beliefs are at work even when you are not consciously thinking them. You must address any negative self talk and beliefs, whether at the conscious level or the subconscious.

I'm sure you have heard the saying, 'You become what you think about'. Make certain you have reason for good thoughts, positive self talk, by clearing any stumbling blocks in these areas.

Self Esteem

Once again, consider the example above of whether or not you act on your word. If you always do what you say you will, you may FEEL proud. On the contrary, you may feel embarrassed if you never keep your word.

Self esteem basically relates to how you feel about yourself in the world. It works hand in hand with self concept to build a strong sense of self empowerment. Developing integrity of your actions, beliefs and values raises your feelings of self worth, and is the first step to truly boost self esteem.

Self Image

Self image is often seen to be slightly different to self concept, yet sometimes the words are used interchangeably. Self image relates more to how you SEE yourself reflected from those around you, or in comparison to others. This is primarily the mental image you hold of yourself based on what you think that other people think of you. It has a greater emphasis on your social perception.

Recalling the top example of whether or not you do what you say you will, your partner may see you as a good person if you always keep your word to them, and you may also SEE yourself as a good person because of this. When there is agreement of what one thinks of them self, and how they see themselves through the eyes of others, ie. self image, this likely promotes the use of these phrases interchangeably. (At the most physical level, self image refers to ones notion of their body type, and the phrase is commonly used in this regard.)

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