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"Self Esteem is the way we feel and think about who we are. It is an entirely personal evaluation that compares who we think we are with who we think we should be.

Developing Self Esteem

developing self esteem

From childhood we are developing self esteem and self concept. As life nurtures and challenges our personal growth, our experiences and impressions form the basis of our beliefs and values.

Our personal core values and beliefs are two of the greatest factors that impact building self esteem and self concept.

Self Concept

Self Concept

Your self concept is the way that you think about yourself in relation to the world, and the qualities that you ascribe to yourself.

How do you think you have performed today? Is your self talk positive? It better be because we are persistently telling ourselves who we think we are!

Self Esteem and Personal Core Values

personal core values

Deciding to endorse your highest personal core values is likely the most important step in personal values development. When you act with integrity, and your priorities are inline with your highest values and positive beliefs, you are truly boosting self esteem and well on your way to implementing your keys to happiness.

Boosting Self Esteem

Boosting Self Esteem

Boosting self esteem is a boost you give yourself up the ladder! This step is taken by gaining further self understanding. It is the biggest self esteem help you can give yourself.

Understanding is knowledge you integrate into your life, and that makes positive lasting change possible.

Subconscious Power

subconscious power

Your subconscious programming recognizes the need to act automatically to keep physical functions operating (such as your heart pumping), and it jumps whenever it sees a possible memory match to answer an emotional or rational need as well.

The aim of it's operation is to keep you safely functioning based on the experiences you've fed it. It will even go so far as repressing some memories if they seem too hurtful.

High Self Esteem

high self esteem

Developing high self esteem is a dynamic process with bountiful returns. The rewards include rich life satisfaction for yourself, as well as contributing value to the world. With healthy self esteem you will confidently engage in life and welcome challenges,.. the good, the bad and the ugly!

Understand Poor Self Esteem To Overcome It

poor self esteem

Developing self esteem is based on an internal measure of self.

Each of us assess our own performance in relation to our beliefs and values. It is not developed 'in comparison to another', and true self esteem cannot be instilled by adopting another persons opinion of oneself.

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