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Self Motivation Is At The Beginning Of Be, Do, Have

Think of something that you absolutely love to do,... read the latest bestseller, drive fast cars, play tennis, eat great food. Whatever it is, you feel like you reap a great reward in return for doing it. Your reward might be as simple as it gives you time on your own, or maybe it's an adrenalin rush, or perhaps it's just because it feels great!

self motivation

You are going towards a certain success,.. it is a success motivation. This holds the secret for unstoppable self motivation. When we gain a worthwhile reward in return for our effort, we are eagerly self motivating. This potent energy is an important ingredient for our personal leadership development, and success on our path.

Success Motivation Fundamentals

So how does this translate to motivation success being guaranteed in our everyday lives? I like to look at self motivation in two aspects of daily life:

  1. What is the main pursuit that gives your life shape. Hopefully your life inspiration is shining through here, and your life passion and life purpose are instilling your primary reason for getting up in the morning.

    These factors indicate your true foundation for life success, and are definitely the place to start building in order to achieve motivation success and personal fulfillment. What are the motivational seeds driving you in this category?

    In many cases in modern society, the answer sounds something like;

    • To make enough money to live a comfortable life
    • To take care of my family
    • Society will esteem me

    These of course may be worthy and wonderful pursuits. However, many people with these answers settle for careers that don't provide enough of a worthwhile reward to the individuals highest purpose, ie. the seeds are lacking a quality success motivation.

    Certainly these people do believe that making enough money and taking care of their family is worthwhile. In fact they think they are such worthwhile goals that they have decided to trade their 'souls song' or 'inner passion' for it. Instead they have agreed to walk a narrow and accepted path, often primarily for the money. When passion or higher purpose is thwarted, it hinders motivational efforts for success when the going gets tough. In contrast, when a person has invoked their higher purpose to drive their life, the connection with their own hearts joy is powerful and self motivating beyond imagination.

    For a variety of reasons many people don't think they can do both,.. live their passion and provide for their other needs and desires! The good news is,... not only can it can be done, that's where the quality seeds are found, and the bottomless well of self motivation. People with high self esteem are more likely to take the perceived risky step to creating their future based on their inner passion.

    The bounty produced when acting from passion contributes on many more levels than just the physical or monetary. It will abundantly enrich their own spirits, those of their loved ones, and contribute to the world in untold ways.

    So, in order to plant seeds that ensure SUCCESS motivation, orient your main pursuit in life around your passion. Starting at your passion, and building from there, allows you to register a deeper meaning and direction in your life that provides an energetic self motivational fuel unlike any you have experienced previously.

    Once you have identified your passion, flesh out your vision of success based on your passion. Structure a basic plan for attaining your goal around that.

    Specify and list:

    • all the reasons you want to pursue this passion
    • some short and long term goals
    • what you will gain by attaining your goal
    • your strengths and weaknesses in this pursuit
    • possible difficulties you will encounter
    • what steps you will take to achieve your success
    • your values

    Your answers provide the framework for your goals. These give shape to what your success motivation looks like,.. what you are aiming at and why. You will draw on the results of these lists to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. It records your evaluation of the pursuit and recognition of what you might encounter, prior to setting off. It also provides stimuli for self motivation whenever you may have doubts or setbacks.

  2. The second aspect of self motivation rises from the subordinating tasks and activities that must be accomplished in order to ensure that your greatest life passion and purpose manifest.

    The challenges presented here may sound something like:

    • you don't like paperwork yet have to do some accounting for your small business
    • you have to drive the children around through rush hour traffic to take them to their various hobbies
    • you have to write some letters and you don't enjoy writing

    In order to most easily and happily motivate yourself, these tasks and activities must be in alignment with your personal core values and beliefs, and take you closer to your main goal (your passion).

    Play on the importance of your underlying life passion and purpose, the real reasons of why you are doing these things. We will always have time and energy for what is important to us.

    When the subordinating tasks still seem like work, self motivation tips, techniques, and skills can be very helpful in raising this type of poor self motivation. These resources are dedicated to enhancing your ability to motivate yourself, and ensure that your success motivation is kept on track.

Visualize Your Motivation Success

It is also a great idea at this point to outline and visualize a picture of your highest concept of self motivation that will represent to you that you are a self empowered individual.

Who will you be and what will you look like when you are successfully motivating yourself. Picture what you will look like physically, how your health will be, how you will be spending your time including your quality time for yourself (ie. relaxation), and how you will feel.

With a clear understanding and vision of your inner passion and where you desire to take it, you will be unstoppable!

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