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Setting and Achieving Goals

With your research on setting and achieving goals bringing you here, you obviously have an interest and commitment to professional and/or personal growth and development. That's a really good thing because most people can't achieve their goals... not as they are at the moment.

You grow into being the person that can achieve your dreams!

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You certainly have all you need to be here now and to be looking to take your next step. Your next step will give you the vantage point and opportunity to learn what you need to know and become in order to take the step following that, and on and on,... to ultimately be the champion that can hopefully win your race and achieve your goals.

Seting and achieving goals

Being and becoming who you need to be versus 'doing what you need to do' to facilitate your dreams is a crucial distinction to make, and a wise step to include in your personal development planning.

It's sometimes easy to overlook 'being' and get caught up entirely in 'doing'... doing this marketing plan, hiring this kind of person, meeting with so and so, etcetera. 'Doing' is important action towards results.

'Being' is just as important, and can perhaps best be appreciated by thinking of others who stand out for setting and achieving goals. Think about who they have BECOME as human beings. Consider some of their traits that you admire. Examples might be:

  • Oprah - resilience to adversity, passion to inspire hope
  • Nelson Mandela - mediator, determination
  • Richard Branson - ambitious, creative
  • Dalai Lama - innocence, wonder, wisdom
  • Mother Theresa - conviction, non judgement

In about 1979 I had the opportunity to sit in the front row audience of Mother Theresa. Her BEING had incredible presence. You could feel the power and energy of her spirit.

When you set your goals, look around for someone who has already achieved a similar thing. Look at their personality traits and ask who they have become.

As a life coach for personal development I work with individuals and groups to help identify ways of 'being' to facilitate happy and fruitful journey's of personal life fulfillment.

There are some key understandings about life that will help you in not only setting and achieving your goals, but also in enjoying every step of your journey. That's the information that I cover with all my clients, whether in coaching sessions.

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"Don't let what you are being get in the way of what you might become."
Harry Palmer

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