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Long and Short Inspirational Poems

Poems, like paintings, can take the intangible and put it in a form that is fun to digest.

Please take your time and reflect on the inspirational poems about life here. Make comments on the ones you read, sharing how you are inspired.

Poems of inspiration come in a wide array of forms including:

  • happy joyful poems that make you rejoice in life
  • melancholy poems that cause you to reflect and stretch for answers
  • inspiring poems that encourage you to take a chance, experiment, and follow your dreams
  • motivational poems that tip your life inspiration into action
  • confronting poems that may shake you up a little, and hopefully stir you on to greater self growth
  • poems about friendship that share insight to the power of connection

Just as self development messages can be delivered through short inspirational stories on diverse subjects, insights can also be revealed through poems about love, friendship, nature, or even fantasy. When understanding mixes with imagination and passion, and these marry with words... inspiring poems are born.

Add your own original poetic take on life too... you might find a new and wonderful way to express your own personal development, and encourage it in others.


Resignation by Joe Rubino - A confronting poem of inspiration encouraging personal development, with audio.
Morning dawns as music plays,
The mammoth city rises,
To moans of children, off to school

Enjoy Short Inspirational Poems by Author Rhea D'souza

Ancient Rythms by Rhea D'Souza -
Like two grains of wind
Our lives crossed

Masterpiece by Rhea D'Souza reveals finding your true self -
Blank canvas
Thoughtful visage
Mindful presence
Poised being

Sandcastle by Rhea D'Souza is a poem about life... everlasting -
The sea rushes in
Takes everything with it
Sandcastles, flags, shells
Debris, dreams even.

Be your own best friend while reading "Tell Me" by Rhea D'Souza -
Donít tell me how well you can speak.
Tell me how well you can listen
To whatís not said.

Redemption by Rhea D'souza -
I am here.
And I will also be there
Sometimes for you,
Being someone
In moments
That you will either love or hate

Prayer for the Day Poem -
This prayer for the day is full of thanksgiving and sincerity for this gift of life.

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