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Simple Abundance

By Cathy Johnson Campbell

My thoughts and feelings sometimes get overwhelmed by the beauty and simple abundance in everyday life. What a true gift these moments are, acting to nurture my personal growth.

My heart brims with joy, and usually my eyes brim too... with a few tears!

For me, the recognition of simple abundance often times comes through nature, as I've shared in two short short stories below. The result of such simple pleasures is always deep gratitude coupled with inspirational thoughts and feelings that nurture and enrich my journey...

Simple Life Abundance

It was an unexpected trip to the shoreline and I hadn't planned on walking the busy beach, but the mini festival of life playing out on it was wonderfully enticing.

It drew me onto the sand, and with every warm velvet wisp of sea breeze on my bare legs, I was compelled to walk on, to immerse myself in it's offering.

Volleyball was being played with brilliant verve by robust twenty something's. Kid's were preening their sandcastle villages, complete with flags of seaweed waving.

Toddlers with wobbly limbs were careening in excited and unpredictable paths, into sea-puddles and out again.

The innocence, simplicity, and joy of children dancing in the wind and waves, hands held and giggling, was infectious.

Families played cricket in the wide expanse of the beach at low tide. Lovers snogged, lounging in the sun.

A smooth canvas of sand at my feet was glazed fresh each moment by a new wave. It mirrored the clouds in the sky. The breaking sea provided a faithful drum roll soundtrack.

Dancing to that were wind surfers, just offshore, performing a colorful ballet as they leapt through the air.

My heart pooled a deep and still well for the beauty that is my life, and like the unstoppable waves, tears broke... and I gave thanks.

Peace In The Southern Alps

I was gazing out at the hills and mountains and lake, at the end of a long week. The last rays of the days sun were filtering through the clouds and gracing the blades and bushes, the golden tussocked rises on either side of the creeks and crevices that ran down the mid-drift of the mountains.

The light danced lazily off the ripples on the water, and rode the smoke up again as it rose from the steaming Earnslaw that was making it's final days journey across Wakatipu.

The world was at peace.

Just so obviously un-phased by all the commotion of my mind and of the world. The veil had lifted and shared the harmonious beautiful world of purity with me.

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