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Your personal development is a gift to the world... helping to raise consciousness for all of humanity. These personal growth tools hand you the keys

About Beliefs
Beliefs are very important, they shape our world through our perceptions and determine to a large extent how we will react or respond to events in our

Inspirational Quotes
Often we receive messages from our subconscious through inspirational quotes like the ones mentioned on these pages which lead us to develop and grow

26 Personal Growth Tools
26 personal growth tools for self development: living with passion and purpose; peace and happiness; self empowerment; personal development planning;

Purpose in Life
Finding your purpose in life can make the difference between being happy with your life and what you spend your time doing and trudging through life,

Personal Development Plans
The definition of personal development planning is the process of designing a series of steps and action plans that will take you from where you are,

Heroic Personal Development Plan!
A rewarding path for your personal development plan is the adventurous Hero's Journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell. Let your hero lead you to happin

Identifying Your Personal Development Plan Adventure
The first step to writing your ultimate personal development plan is to recognize your highest call to adventure!

Effective Personal Mission Development
Effective personal mission development... take one self empowered individual + add personal core values + driving inspiration, and voila.. powerful st

Personal Core Values Are The Foundation of Self Expression
Self understanding of personal core values and beliefs puts power in your hands. Living in alignment with your core values and positive beliefs will s

Having a personal leadership development plan provides a roadmap. You will gain self trust and knowledge around your values, beliefs, and highest pur

Self Empowerment Appears Fundamental For Personal Development
It is said that self empowerment is key to achieving anything in life. What are the primary components of self empowerment and how do we develop them

What Is Your Self Concept Telling You?
Your self concept is talking in your ear every day. Are you listening to positive self talk, or negative self talk?

Developing Self Esteem Is A Dynamic Process
Developing self esteem and self concept begin in childhood and as our interaction with the world evolves, so do they. The two greatest factors are ...

Boosting Self Esteem is Easy When You Know How
Self help information for boosting self esteem. Learn what you need to boost your self esteem to the next level.

High Self Esteem Leads To Greater Life Happiness
High self esteem means you experience your worth within, and express it without. You will confidently welcome life challenges,.. the good, the bad and

Self Motivation Is At The Beginning Of Be, Do, Have
What self motivation seeds ensure you are planting SUCCESS motivation? Motivate yourself properly to start with, and you'll love your life.

When Life Inspiration Can Be Seen, Heard, and Felt
Life inspiration is arguably the greatest untapped source of potential known to man. Do you want to be inspired and experience life abundance? It's un

Finding Your Passion Leads To Greater Awakenings
Imagine finding your passion and life purpose, all in one day! The next thing you know, the keys to happiness will have also magically landed in your

Succeed In Finding Life Purpose Now
To succeed in finding life purpose, learn the right questions to ask. You'll easily have your gratifying answers.

Finding Life Purpose Is A Creative Opportunity
Where do we look for finding life purpose? Why hasn't it revealed itself yet?

Attaining Purpose Of Life Is Gained By Asking The Right Questions
What does creating and attaining purpose of life have to do with kindling a light?

Subconscious Power Holds The Programming Running Your Results
Your subconscious power has been organizing your subconscious programming throughout your life. Ensure your subconscious mind power is not sabotaging

Art and Magic of Believing
In this 7 Part eBook Course on the magic of believing you'll discover where your beliefs come from, where they're taking you, AND how to change core b

Belief Insights
Review your beliefs with the Art and Magic of Believing: a seven part series of emails delivered directly to your inbox.

Personal Development Newsletter: Touchstones
Four insightful self help ebooks gifted along with personal development newsletter filled with inspiring and thought provoking articles, reviews, and

Personal Development Topics
How do you like personal development topics delivered? Are you most interested in... self help product reviews, personal development exercises, or...?

Self Esteem is the way we feel and think about who we are. It is an entirely personal evaluation that compares who we think we are with who we think

Personal Values Development Elevates Work
Your personal values development adds measurable and immeasurable value to your life. Practice it, and you are building true wealth.

True Wealth or False Economy
Where is your true wealth? What basket have you put your eggs in, and... is there a hole in the bottom of it?

How to be Happy
Is money part of the answer on how to be happy, and how does happiness relate to what you want and need?

Best Keys To Happiness Books
Read about the keys to happiness from best selling authors, and add reviews of the best self help books on happiness from your library.

Matthieu Ricard on Happiness
Matthieu Ricard brilliantly weaves together his scientific training with his spiritual leanings to bring us 'Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's M

Personal Development Books
A growing list of personal development books and reviews to help assess the wealth of personal growth reading material available. Add your reviews and

Free Self Help eBooks
Inspiring self help ebooks introduce new and transformative ideas. Enjoy these powerful freely shared ideas.

One Aha Moment, Two Aha Moments, Three...
Use your aha moment as a dynamic little wake up call for deeper self understanding and your positive personal development.

Bruce Lipton Outlines The Biology of Belief
Bruce Lipton in The Biology of Belief, presents a down to earth explanation of how our thoughts and beliefs impact our physical biology.

Spiritual Inspiration
Are you looking for a little spiritual inspiration or help with spiritual growth and personal development? This might be the best place for you.

Personal Spiritual Development Is Your Birthright
Your personal spiritual development is not dependent on your race, religion, age, sex or politics. Personal spiritual growth is freely available to ev

What Is Inner Peace?
In questioning 'what is inner peace', think of what the acronym AT peace may represent. It is here, now, and much more than just accepting all that is

Powerful Personal Leadership Quality
This is truly a fundamental leadership quality. It is a trait that is often promoted in the world, and yet surprisingly seldom upheld with conviction.

Personal Development Articles
Free personal development articles to challenge you to greater achievements. Be inspired to become who you are capable of being!

What is Personal Development?
What is personal development all about, and what can you expect as an outcome of cultivating it?

As A Man Thinketh
Knowing that 'as a man thinketh, so he is', why don't more of us nurture and grow happy joyful thoughts more of the time?

Neuro Emotional Technique
Neuro emotional technique is a natural and logical approach to release a stubborn or oft recurring subluxation or energy block in your body.

Dealing with Stress
We all experience some degree of stress in our lives, so we are all dealing with stress at some point.

What is Stress
What is stress, what's it for, and what does your successful stress management count on? With so many not managing stress, it seems vital to know wha

Stress Symptoms In All Shapes and Sizes
What do you think stress symptoms look like? What if you knew that 75 to 90 percent of all illnesses are the effects of stress?

Main Causes of Stress
Most people think the main causes of stress are events and circumstances in your life. This is simply not true. Learn truly what causes stress, and tr

How to Relieve Stress With Certainty
Here's your answer on how to relieve stress. Learning this, you'll see you have the cure for stress in your own hot little hands.

What Causes Stress?
When you ask 'what causes stress', the simple answer is that challenges cause stress... challenges that require you to grow or change. When you dig de

Main Cause of Stress
The main cause of stress is not an event that occurs, nor the challenge brought about by an event. Rather, what causes stress is something within your

Eustress is Positive Stress
Eustress is the technical term for positive stress. Yes, good stress does exist. It's health promoting and delivers a positive outcome. Learn how to p

The Pursuit of Happiness
We all have the capability of experiencing a sustainable state of happiness, but very few of us do. In our pursuit of happiness, it is almost as if w

Finding Happiness: 9 Building Blocks for Authentic Happiness
There are vital basics on how to be happy, yet they are often totally overlooked in our fast paced world. Take note, and you'll be finding authentic h

Happiness Quiz
This authentic happiness quiz helps measure 5 factors that are understood to be key in how to be happy. Each question is based on research done to ans

What is Happiness in Life?
What is happiness in life and what factors contribute to it? There has been much research on this topic for the past 20 years. Five factors clearly pl

Recipe for Authentic Happiness
Want the recipe for authentic happiness? It's closer than you think! Find out how to be happy and share your keys to happiness with others.

Recipe for Happiness - Do You Have One?
A failproof recipe for happiness includes your core ingredients of personal values, passions, purpose... all the stuff you love is what creates your a

Your Key To Happiness Is Unique To You
You are unique, and so is your key to happiness. Fortunately, the steps for finding individual keys for true happiness are the same for everyone.

Personal Motivation
Personal motivation is the internal drive that we have that enables us to take the actions we need to take to reach our goals.

Self Motivation Tips to MOVE you!
Ready? Self Motivation Tips will motor-vate your success. Go ahead and rev the engine...

Self Motivation Techniques
9 valuable self motivation techniques that are easily achievable. Learn to have success motivation and climb the stairway to your goals.

Self Motivation Skills To Improve Your Daily Motivation
Developing new self motivation skills will increase your overall power of self motivation. These five skills are easy self help motivation abilities t

Free Personal Development Tools
These free personal development tools offer ideas that require only two things from you: your time and your committment to personal development.

Developing Intuition Helps You Tune Into Life
Is developing intuition possible for everyone? Do you have intuitive perceptions? What is intuition telling you?

What Is Intuition?
Essence and expression indicates what is intuition, and what is not. Do you have intuitive experiences that fit the criteria? Let us hear about them.

What Intuitive Perceptions Are People Experiencing?
Intuitive perceptions come in many forms and feelings. Read intuition stories and share your own experience of intuition.

Intuitive Insights Shared
Society has often belittled intuitive insights, yet personal stories of premonitions and intuition sing praises to our illogical sixth sense.

Inspirational Thoughts and More
If you are looking for inspiration or you have some to share, you will find something on the Inspirational Thoughts and More page to meet your needs.

Long and Short Inspirational Poems
Long and short inspirational poems offer you a river of understanding to carry you to new insights about life. Add your own poetic take on life, and c

Inspirational Poems about Friendship
The best inspirational poems about friendship may not even mention the word friends... check out this gem by Rhea D'souza.

Fictional Short Stories to Inspire Personal Development
Fictional short stories to inspire personal development might be about cosmic heros, fairytale characters, or make believe animals.. who doesn't matte

Personal Development Library; More Than Just Books
This personal development library gives you access to relevant current news, personal development articles, books and reviews, self help ebooks, and i

Personal Development Blog
This personal development blog delivers daily inspirational quotes, occasional self development articles, book reviews, and tools for personal growth.

Free Web Page Content
Links to free web page content to offer your site visitors.

What Are Beliefs?
When you ask 'what are beliefs', you may be surprised by the answer. Beliefs are the very foundation and building blocks of your life.

Your Belief System Development - 5 Methods
Before we start working with your belief system it might pay to define beliefs and to review how they develop into a cohesive belief system.

The Power Of Belief
The subtle yet incredulous power of belief operates in profound ways throughout your life.

Advertising Disclosure Statement
This disclosure statement explains my relationship to my advertisers and how I receive compensation.

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Inspired Personal Development Disclaimer
Personal development information and resources are offered in good faith, with all responsibility for use of such material solely on the user.

Personal Development Site Map
Inspired personal development site map.

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Daily inspirational quotes provide free web content to display on your webpages, blogs and social network pages. Or simply subscribe to receive person

30 Top Quotes About Life
Thirty top quotes about life from Oprah Winfrey, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mahatma Gandhi, Joe Vitale, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, and others. Add the

Inspired Personal Development Material Copyright
The aim of this personal development material is to encourage and inspire people to develop to their highest potential. If you wish to copy any materi

Privacy Policy
On this page you will find a copy of the Inspirational Personal Development Privacy Policy.

20 Best Life Quotes
Twenty best life quotes from Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Virginia Satir, Joseph Campbell, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Victor Hansen, and others. Add your fav

Helpful Online Personality Tests Summarized
Good online personality tests help you to recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses; where your skills would be an asset and in what circumstan

Real Online Jobs Powered With Your Passion
Discover real online jobs that fit your personality and passion, and will make you happy at work. Is your own online website business the answer?

Explore Niche Ideas and Profit From Your Passions
Check traffic for your niche ideas, and find ways for turning your passions into profits.

Purpose And Passion In Life
What is living your purpose and passion in life worth to you? Would the keys to happiness be a fair reward?

Personal Development Plan Challenges
In order to succeed, a personal development plan must take present, and potential challenges into account.

Easy Heart Meditation Increases Fulfillment
Out of many meditation methods, this heart meditation is one of the easiest to master and quickest to produce positive results.

The Health Benefits Of Meditation
The list of recognized health benefits of meditation continues to grow. With easy daily meditation sessions, research indicates you are doing much mor

Powerful Meditation Tips
These meditation tips will assist in your easy adoption of a regular daily meditation practice. Simple techniques are explained in order to make your

Life Coach for Personal Development
Take these 5 tips from a life coach for personal development. These simple strategies will help you to get 'unstuck', and take sound steps forward.

This Personal Leadership Trait Needs Our Acknowledgment
This particular leadership trait is a foundation stone for self empowerment, the precursor to effective personal leadership. Do you have it? The telli

Achieving Personal Development Plan Goals
Setting and achieving short term goals along the path of your ultimate personal development plan is an important and rewarding step.

Positive Self Talk Helps Create Your Dreams
You can wield personal power with positive self talk. It produces positive vibrations that have measurable impact in our lives.

Personal Affirmations Pack Extra Punch
Your positive personal affirmations will definitely have a greater impact in your life than just any generic positive affirmations you might adopt.

Metaphor Examples Can Be Fun Little Puzzles
See how these metaphor examples liken one thing to another,... and add your own!

Sensory Language Lights Up Your Meaning
Use sensory language to speak to both the conscious and subconscious.

The Gift Of Giving Feedback
Learn the art of giving feedback and empower people toward their goals, and boost your personal leadership development.

Perfect And Simple Gifts
Have you given and received perfect and simple gifts? The most inspirational gifts are often the simplest... positive feedback from the heart.

Inspirational Greeting Cards
Yours free... inspirational greeting cards to send online. Add your personal message to perfectly enhance these inspiring quotes with wonderful photo

Inspirational e Cards Brighten Moments
Send fun and thoughtful motivational, spiritual, and inspirational e cards, and let your friends know you are thinking of them.

Send Free Inspirational eCards
Warm and wonderful inspirational eCards to help you send heartfelt ideas and encouragement around the world, at the click of a button.

Free e Mail Cards With Inspiring Quotes
Fun and free e mail cards with inspiring quotes will put smiles on faces, on any occasion.

The Power Of Positive Reinforcement
Research clearly shows that positive reinforcement is a potent ingredient when you are giving feedback. If you want the person to enhance their perfor

The Role Of Constructive Feedback
How important is constructive feedback when you are trying to help someone improve and reach their goals? The reality may surprise you.

Practicing The Power Of Now
Some say this companion to bestseller The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle shares all the insight of the namesake, and is much easier to assimilate.

Personal Development Plan Success
With goals for your personal development plan (PDP) achieved, it is now time to take the necessary step in order to experience success of your individ

The Monomyth Is Alive And Well
The monomyth experience is available for each 'everyday person' willing to discover their inner hero. Follow steps of the Heros Journey, and gifts of

Modern Monomyth Story Comments
Read what people are saying about the modern monomyth journey shared in the upcoming book, YOU are the WIND, Discovering Your Life Purpose in the Wind

Short Inspirational Stories and Poems
Read and contribute short inspirational stories, and have a hand in helping spread the message and motivation for personal development and a happier w

8 Short Story Writing Tips to Inspire
These eight succinct short story writing tips make it really easy for you to put your inspirational stories down on paper.

Inspirational Short Stories and Books
When inspirational short stories enrich you, you can be sure that they will also positively impact the minds, emotions, and souls of others. Read and

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho
In The Alchemist Paulo Coelho sets out the adventure of pursuing true treasure, ones personal legend. He reveals where it is found, and shows you the

Illusions Richard Bach
In Illusions Richard Bach delivers timeless personal development for students and would be messiah's alike. Open your heart, claim your role, and enjo

The Celestine Prophecy Book
A recent review of The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield. Rereading this book after 10 years made my appreciation for Redfield's insight and visio

Random Acts of Kindness by Conari Press
Growth and recognition of random acts of kindness movement is thanks to people like those that wrote and published an inspiring book on the subject ye

Practice Random Acts of Kindness
The movement to practice random acts of kindness is continuing to grow. Tell us your short inspirational story about a random act of kindness, and hel

Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy
The Simple Abundance book by Sarah Ban Breathnach is a delightful daily read to inspire and uplift. Writing it changed the life of the author, and rea

Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD
Clarissa Pinkola Estes has a wonderful way with an inspirational short story. Through 'The Gift of Story' you'll recognize rich value and perhaps beg

Write Inspirational Short Stories
There are millions of possible inspirational short stories all awaiting within this one uplifting message. Quickly personalize this short short story

Personal Growth And Inspiration
Your capabilities for personal growth and inspiration are life changing, for yourself and for others. Do you know you have a hero inside? Yep... think

The Most Inspirational People You know
Who are the most inspirational people? You'll discover it's not necessarily the most educated, richest, or successful doing some of the most inspiring

True Short Stories of Personal Development
Tell your true short stories of personal development and help others grow... How did you learn certain life lessons? What difficulties have you overco

Simple Abundance
Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by the beauty and simple abundance in everyday life? What a gift

Applying the Law of Attraction... What's Involved?
In applying the law of attraction successfully, what parts are passion, affirmations, and belief, and how much is action and follow through? Read this

Personal Development Plan Mastery
This is the 5th and final step of your personal development plan, and where you experience personal mastery.

Sample Personal Development Plan Template
This sample personal development plan template lays out the five important stages for your journey to success and mastery. Download for your personal

Audio Books to Buy

Let Go of Fear
Learning to let go of fear is a major subject in Letting Go and Becoming by Marianne Williamson. In letting go of personal 'baggage', it happens that

A Return to Love
A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson delves into the potent healing power of unconditional love. Explore insights to help you find your way out of

Books on Love and Enlightening Insight
Do books on love form the seat of personal growth? Absolutely. Love is the primary foundation stone for our highest personal development.

Five Love Languages
Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman opens your eyes and hearts to the languages of love. Do you and your loved ones speak the same language or not,

Stages of Love - Falling in Love and Staying in Love
The stages of love offer highs and lows, flowers and fruit, and... crazy chemicals in the brain! Find out what happens while you are falling in love,

5 Love Languages
5 love languages make the world go round. What are the languages of love, and how fluent are you?

Signs of True Love
The signs of true love are delved into by Gary Chapman in Love as a Way of Life. He outlines 7 characteristics of a loving person, and offers exercise

Love for No Reason by Marci Shimoff
Marci Shimoff shares Love for No Reason: 7 steps to creating a Life of Unconditional Love with passion and determination. If your priority is to see a

Writing Personal Mission Statements
An easy four step process for writing personal mission statements will guide you through identifying what's most important to you and creating a power

Helpful Sample Mission Statements
Useful sample mission statements incorporate all the important aspects to target your focus and drive you toward your highest dreams.

Transformational Touchstones: A New Earth
Transformational Touchstones ezine is to help you keep up to date with current personal growth understandings, focus your empowering beliefs, and move

Discover Your Life Purpose
Reflections, news, and views to help you discover your life purpose. What are others doing, and what ideas will work for you?

Lucid Dreaming Techniques and Personal Development
I thought that learning lucid dreaming techniques would be a fun way to control my dreams, but now I'm not so sure.

Guy Finley - The Essential Laws of Fearless Living
Guy Finley has delivered another best seller as he reviews potent laws of life, and how you can apply them for your personal development and freedom.

Global Warming Facts and Fallacies
You would not generally expect to find 'The Climate Caper, global warming facts and fallacies' on a typical shelf full of personal development books

Changing Beliefs Is Natural
You are naturally changing beliefs throughout your life. Rather than randomly adopting new beliefs, assess how to change core beliefs to enrich your p

Change Core Beliefs Via 4 Avenues
Change core beliefs that limit you, by understanding and addressing 4 primary components that make up your life experience.

Coaching Policies and Procedures
If you have any questions after readying my coaching policies and procedures just send me an email on the contact page and I will do what I can to ans

Giving Quotes, A Selection of Inspirational Quotes on Giving
These inspirational giving quotes are a wonderful reminder of the value, importance, and joy of giving.

Happiness Quotes and Happiness Sayings
Dozens of happiness quotes and happy sayings for you. Read short inspirational quotes on happiness, and add your own happy thoughts to the mix.

Personal Values Development Results in True Wealth Creation
True wealth creation occurs hand in hand with personal values development... you increase the value of your money as you follow the path of your perso

Quotes on Leadership - 26 Inspiring Quotes about Leadership
Key quotes on leadership aim at personal leadership development, as well as quotes about leadership of others.

Life Purpose Quotes to Inspire Your Focus
Top life purpose quotes to help you reflect on your course. Are you finding life purpose and living it with passion?

Understand Poor Self Esteem To Overcome It
If poor self esteem is a problem, self understanding is the first step to solving it. There are three main causes of low self esteem. Fortunately buil

Activity To Boost Self Esteem
25 helpful exercises and activities to boost self esteem. Gain greater understanding of yourself, and apply these tips. Feelings of increased self con

21 Law of Attraction Quotes
These Law of Attraction Quotes are a collection to reflect the beginning steps involved in bringing your dreams into reality.

Quotes on Law of Attraction in Action
Quotes on law of attraction in action highlight that the miracle of success comes from dreams, desire, absolute belief, zeal, ingenuity, courage, know

30 Top Life Lesson Quotes
These 30 life lesson quotes offer insight and reflection from well known names in the personal development field, as well as writers and philosophers.

Short Inspirational Quotes to Share
104 short inspirational quotes to give you a jolt of 'aha', inspire you to a more meaningful life, and... to tweet. Each one is much less than 140 in

Setting and Achieving Goals
If you are looking at setting and achieving goals, there are two things you should know. First, most people can't achieve their goals. Second, the ans

Evidence Based Believing
Evidence based believing is created on the basis that evidence has proven to us that one thing causes another.

Adopting Traditional Beliefs
Adopting traditional beliefs centre around the traditions perpetuated through families and societies.

Authority Steers Beliefs
Many beliefs are adopted from people that have a role of authority in our lives or from those people who are in our 'group'.

Revelations Induce Beliefs
The definition of revelation referred to here is disclosure of information to man by a divine or supernatural agency. Basically, this is the experienc

Be Your Own Best Friend
Be your own best friend as you read this short inspirational poem. This poem of friendship doesn't tell you answers, nor ask superficial questions. Ra

Prayer for the Day
This prayer for the day is full of thanksgiving, and sincerity for this gift of life.

How to be Happy in Life
Learning how to be happy in life is easy. First, discover your present state of happiness. Become familiar with 5 foundations of being happy, then tak

Experience the Law of Giving and Receiving in Action
The law of giving and receiving hints at untapped potential for goodness embedded in every act of giving. Practice these giving exercises every day an

Law of Giving and Receiving Rewards Everyone
The power of the law of giving and receiving is sprinkled through various texts. Ancient to modern, these 3 personal development books are great remin

Is the Value of Giving Underrated?
The value of giving is like the value of your heart... they both circulate vital energy of life that nourishes and supports our healthy growth.

Go Givers Sell More
The title Go Givers Sell More by Bob Burg & John David Mann indicates it's about sales, but don't jump to a conclusion that it's only for salespeople.

Jim Stovall Shares The Ultimate Gift
Author Jim Stovall wrote a gem of a reminder of what makes life worth living in The Ultimate Gift. He weaves a story of where true value is found, and

Your Personal Word of Wisdom
What's your personal word of wisdom for the year? Find out, and use it as a transformational touchstone in your personal development.

Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed?
Here's the understanding behind why you feel emotionally overwhelmed, and 2 great fixes to reinstate your peace of mind, and your get up and go.

The Secret Movie by Rhonda Byrne
The Secret movie by Rhonda Byrne popularized the law of attraction (LOA) in 2006. It touched the spiritual core of millions and announced we're only g

True Short Story Inspires Personal Development
This true short story by Jurek Leon reminds us the opportunity for personal development is always available with every encounter, every moment, with e

Power to Change by Marianne Williamson
In Power to Change, Marianne Williamson draws out your pathway to power by delving into where real power comes from, how to access it, and what it ent

The Lightworkers Way by Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue in The Lightworkers Way is like a spiritual guide. The subtitle 'Awakening your spiritual power to know and heal' is a synopsis of the p

Andy Andrews
In The Traveler's Gift author Andy Andrews skilfully weaves an imaginary tale with powerful life lessons. It's clear that any of us can embrace these

The Celestine Vision
In The Celestine Vision, Living The New Spiritual Awareness, James Redfield takes us from 'control dramas' to infinite possibilities.

The Passion Test - Review
Check out The Passion Test, a rare test that's impossible to fail. Janet Attwood and Chris Attwood not only walk you through finding your passion, the

The Speed of Trust
In The Speed of Trust Stephen Covey introduces 'smart trust'... knowing when and how to combine propensity to trust along with logical analysis of tru

Bruce Lipton Introduces Spontaneous Evolution
Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman reveal the concept of spontaneous evolution in their joint work. They shed an inspiring light of awareness on where hu

Self Empowerment Exercise
This simple self empowerment exercise will help you assess whether your values and priorities are aligned to take you to your highest goals.

Us vs Them - Is There Another Way?
The Us vs Them belief paradigm may be prevalent in the world today, but things are changing.

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