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The Speed of Trust

When I heard about The Speed of Trust, The One Thing That Changes Everything, by Stephen M. R. Covey I immediately and wholeheartedly welcomed the concept... on the title alone. One of my favorite little mantra's is 'I trust life and all that it brings to me', so this resonated nicely. Covey is simply singling people out as one of the powerful lighting rods for trust in life.

Intuitively, like many other people I suspect, I've always recognized that if people shared trust with one another it helped their relationships and transactions to have more ease and satisfaction.

To me, when trust was present there was an unspoken grace, a strong constant force that wasn't letting anyone down. I thought that people were either trustworthy or not. And I thought everyone should be able to easily recognize how trustworthy another is just by looking at them and talking to them. It seemed to me that you could 'size a person up' fairly quickly and put your trust in them based on that... or not. And by the same token, I thought everyone I met should be able to tell that I am trustworthy.

Stephen Covey's Speed of Trust has made me realize how naive that thinking was. The huge favor he has done, is to clearly map out the key elements of trust. Covey

  • Discusses the 4 Cores of Personal Credibility
  • Identifes the 5 Fields of Trust... he calls them Waves
  • Delves into the 13 Principle Behaviours of trust
  • Introduces the Smart Trust factor... utilizing ones propensity to trust, plus analysis of trustworthiness, while factoring in risk.

He looks at how all these elements interact. He outlines how to plant, nurture and grow trust in self and others... personal relationships as well as business relationships.

I now see how much control each of us have in shaping the trust others bestow on us. As well, how many tools we have at our fingertips to assess the trustworthiness of others and what the costs may be to trust, or to not trust. It is all very logical and I see that while we have a certain degree of propensity to trust, the capacity to 'earn' anothers trust has never made more sense.

The Speed of Trust is available as an audio or book. In addition, Stephen Covey has made some terrific free resources available on his website:

  • Analyze your personal credibility
  • Take a survey to assess the level of trust others have in you
  • Get a sample Organizational Trust Audit
  • Lots of other interesting audios and tests on trust

Access these gifts at The Speed of Trust.

"You may be deceived if you trust too much,
but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough."
Frank Crane

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