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Subconscious Power Holds The Programming Running Your Results

Subconscious power is duly respected by witnessing the thoroughness of subconscious programming in your life. From conception, your subconscious training begins. It starts by filing the automatic operation of your physical systems as they develop.

Emotional and rational information is also gathered, processed, and stored in your sub conscious 'filing system'.

This is your very own personal computer. Bits of info are called into use whenever subconscious power recognizes a fitting situation.

Similarly to when your subconscious programming recognizes the need to act automatically to keep physical functions operating (such as your heart pumping), it jumps to the call whenever it sees a possible memory match to answer an emotional or rational need as well.

The aim of it's operation is to keep you safely functioning based on the experiences you've fed it. It will even go so far as repressing some memories if they seem too hurtful.

Subconscious mind power is great at recognizing and making connections without requiring rational explanation for all the details. So in this manner, subliminal programming is quick and efficient when processing information that comes in via the senses.

The power of subconscious mind is comfortably at home when processing what you:

  • see in visual art forms and metaphorical stories
  • hear in poetry, metaphorical story lines, and music
  • feel through physical touch
  • feel in your emotions
  • sense in your hearts, your yearnings and intuitions

    (these aspects of subconscious power help guide you in your personal mission development)

  • taste and smell

subconscious power is like a centipedeYour subconscious power has a similarity with a centipede.

Yep,... imagine all those legs that need moving.

Think of each leg as being a different aspect of your being, some physical, some emotional interactions, some memories that you transfer to new situations, etc.

The centipede, like your subconscious power, is effortlessly moving every part of its being in concert.

Action is based on past learning, and there is no need to question how to raise every foot and move it forward and set it down again. It's due to your subconscious programming that you are not required to think about every breath you take nor every move you make in all the various realms of your life.

Having such a miraculous power keeping your life in order is an incredible gift of nature,... as long as it is supporting what the conscious mind desires,... right ?!

Subconscious Programming Over-rides Conscious Thinking

John A. Bargh, a professor of psychology at Yale University stated: “Well, we’re finding that we have these unconscious behavioral guidance systems that are continually furnishing suggestions through the day about what to do next, and the brain is considering and often acting on those, all before conscious awareness.”

This sounds a bit like mutiny,... the crew of the ship (the unconscious) is deciding where to sail, not the captain (the conscious)!

This is further supported by Bruce Lipton PhD who states: "We now recognize that ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of our cognitive activity comes from the subconscious mind; less than five percent is influenced or controlled by the conscious mind."

Autopower- unconscious controlWe perform common tasks on autopilot, and we have become accustomed to not listening to our subconscious power.

Of course we are thankful that due to subconscious learning we can access our storehouse of information and act without it requiring our 100% attention and input at all times.

Professors Bargh and Lipton are saying that in many instances, the subconscious furnishes suggestions, and controls what we do, how we react, even before the conscious mind processes and puts forth it's own ideas.

As the subconscious sifts through our data storehouse, it instantaneously processes and calculates what behavior, thought, or feeling response will fit a certain situation. It has the ability to instigate that event.

It will commit us even if the outcome is not in concert with our conscious thoughts or desires. You can see a potential problem for our personal leadership development if, when we try to be the conscious leader in our own lives, we are over-ridden by the previously programmed 'computer' power of subconscious mind.

If our subconscious programming responds without regard for our conscious desires, would you agree we had better learn to communicate well with it? Yes!

Gaining self understanding and learning to listen to both our conscious desires and subconscious programming, and teaching them how to work together for us, is paramount for our journey.

This is a basic step to building healthy congruent self esteem. This gives us the strength and clarity to recognize and act on our life passion and highest life purpose. In turn, we experience the greatest happiness and success.

So how do we develop healthy effective communication with our subconscious power?

Communicating With Your Subconscious Power

This is much easier and accessible to all, than I had previously thought. For many years I was only aware of hypnosis as a subconscious training tool, and must admit that due to seeing one too many questionable hypnotic stage performers, I wasn't very convinced that there was value there for me.

I have since discovered that there are a number of effective learning modalities that 'speak' to the subconscious, including hypnosis. As I have learned about how and why these work, and experienced their positive influence for myself, I now heartily endorse them.

Two fabulous learning strategies that have proven particularly valuable to me in gaining communication with my subconscious programming are NLP programming and NET technique.

These tools helped me access beliefs that were planted in my subconscious mind, and I hadn't even known they were there! They enabled me to look at the magic of believing that was active in my life, and direct it to my advantage.

Further, these learning strategies opened the communication in such a way that I was able to discover and clear the roadblocks in my mind and behavior. Consequently, my self esteem and self motivation both positively responded. I've been able to drive forward using my conscious thinking and desires to guide the direction, while my superb and powerful subconscious programming crew support.

  1. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming - I attended a Christopher Howard Breakthrough to Success self improvement seminar

    (See free personal development weekend).

    At that seminar, Chris Howard guided us through his 'Decision Destroyer' exercise. This is an NLP programming exercise and exactly what I needed. It created a timely and extremely productive 'shift' in my consciousness.

    I had previously made a certain limiting decision (a few actually!) about my self concept. I thought that I was unable to do certain things. Through the guidance of this exercise I recognized how the limiting decision was hampering my life path. Then I listened to the input my subconscious power had about this decision, and was able to not only let go of it, but most importantly for me, I discovered the positive learning in it. I've found this is definitely a powerful place to move forward from, and I'm grateful for being introduced to NLP programming.

  2. NET Neuro Emotional Technique - My chiropractor and I regularly use the NET procedure to access subconscious mind blocks I experience.

    NET is based on the idea that thoughts cause a physical reaction in your body. The physical reaction is sometimes just a little tender spot on your body, sometimes a knot in a muscle, etc.

    The great thing is, practitioners of NET identify the body symptom so quickly and then through working with the body, your subconscious mind tells about the problem. Once the discordant thought is identified, your body is encouraged to release it as necessary.

These accelerated learning strategies help us to tap into our subconscious power and more clearly see and understand the personal stories that we have created around our self concept and self esteem.

  • Another technique for effectively aligning our conscious mind with our subconscious power, is being 'mindful'.

    This may be considered a type of active meditation, as proposed by Bhuddist practice. It is basically the practice of living totally aware in the present moment, and doesn't 'allow' the subconscious programming to over-ride. Eckart Tolle in his wonderful books The Power of Now, and Practicing the Power of Now, delves into the power of this state from a non-Bhuddist viewpoint.

    The idea is that since NOW is the only real time, if we stay present in the now as if each moment is a new experience, then we do not rely on our subconscious programming in the same way. Our consciousness stays present with us, being very mindful of the responses and decisions made in every moment. In this way, we act from a state of moment to moment creation, rather than from habit.

Manifesting Your Hearts Desire

We are extremely fortunate to have access to an array of techniques and tools, and the opportunity to find the ones that fit best with us. I encourage you to explore learning more about your subconscious programming through reading and study, attending seminars, and talking with a life coach for personal development.

Ensure your conscious and subconscious are aligned, working together in harmony with your personal core values and beliefs.

This harmony reinforces self empowerment. Trusting yourself, in turn, supports your respect and honoring of the nudges of life inspiration that you hear from within. This is the path to inner peace and manifesting your hearts desires.

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