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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

In The Alchemist Paulo Coelho takes us along on a journey as young Santiago follows his personal legend. Through determination, courage, and an unfailing passion to live his dreams, Santiago discovers the secrets of success.

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This gentle inspiring fable addresses our hearts. It encourages us to listen to the soul of the world and learn the language that it speaks, as that is the language that leads us to our treasure.

The gold historically produced through alchemy by purifying base metals, serves as a metaphor for the personal treasure Santiago is aiming to produce.

With this symbol in mind, Coelho masterfully unravels the mystery of finding and living our dreams. He shows that life's potential is ours for the living.

He reveals the fears and negative thoughts that must be left behind in the purification, and the faith and the hope that must be embraced for transformation. And perhaps most importantly, he reminds us to listen to life, now, exactly where we are... this is where it can speak to us, and we can hear it.

How would you like to be assured of discovering your personal wealth, no matter where life seems to be leading you? As the boy on this quest learns, whether herding sheep, polishing crystal, or contemplating the desert, the soul of the world is guiding us. It is up to us to understand it's guidance, to trust it, and act on it.

Read this little gem, learn the language of all things, and you'll be polishing your gold too!

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