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The Celestine Prophecy Book

In The Celestine Prophecy, the first book of the celestine series, Redfield shares a delightful sense of adventure, hope, and higher vision for humanity.

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It was easily 10 years since I had thought about this book. Then, twice in one day 'The Celestine Prophecy' was in my direct line of vision. Of course I had to pick it up and give it another read. After all, the first insight Redfield talks about is the mystery of coincidence and how it works to nudge us towards our potential.

It is a light and easy read, and unless you take the insights seriously, it could simply seem like a somewhat pleasant way to pass a few hours.

However, if you do appreciate each of the nine insights and apply them in your life, you are in for some wonderful reminders and steps towards your higher purpose.

Briefly, the insights are:

  1. mystery of coincidence
  2. awakening of a new world view
  3. everything is energy
  4. energy moves between everything
  5. energy from a higher source is available to all
  6. we can clear ourselves of unhelpful subconscious programming
  7. intuition is available to guide us
  8. conscious communication brings out the best in everyone
  9. our energy and vibration increase through our conscious direct relationship with the higher source, thereby evolving us to a higher state

About half way through the book, James Redfield introduces the idea of 'personal control dramas'. His outline of this theory seemed rather simplistic at first glance. It suggests that everyone has one of four favorite positions to operate from on the scale of aggressive to passive. We apparently develop our individual pattern of relating on this scale based on the patterns of those around us when we grew up. The four drama's are:

  • interrogators
  • intimidators
  • aloof
  • poor me

After my initial cynicism, I 'typed' everyone in our family according to Redfields guidelines. His theory seemed to hold true for our family too. Of course this is only one way of looking at patterns we develop for relating to others in our world, but, as it turns out, it can be another insightful one.

This is one of those personal development books that I am delighted has found it's way back into my hands, and into my mind. Thanks James. Next on my list... the celestine prophecy movie.

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