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The Gabriel Method

The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel is a brilliant and timely book of reason. It offers solid insight into transforming your body to a vision of health, no matter what you presently look like.

Gabriel used his new found knowledge, which he shares in the book, to change himself from a 400 pound liability in an elevator, to a 180 pound image of a proud, fit and healthy man.

Four simple time lapse photos on the back cover summarize his dramatic physical transformation. The images alone pack a punch of inspiration that must at least make you curious. His final image shows a strong and fit man brimming with vitality.

Get the first chapter of The Gabriel Method free and get a taste of his message. You'll see it's main aim is to help those with weight problems. I seriously believe it is the one and only weight loss book that anyone needs in order to meet their goals on the scales.

But... it is so much more than just a weight loss book!

This is a holistic personal development book to help anyone achieve a fit and healthy body.

Some of the vital tools it puts in your hands include:

  • understanding the body mind connection and how to consciously work with it
  • why your body might want to carry extra weight, or not enough weight
  • how the mechanisms in your body (ie. cells, hormones, bacteria, organs, etc) react to things you put into your stomach
  • how your food interacts with your body... which foods help your health, hinder it, and why

In the past, I have dealt with my own personal 'food demons'. Having experienced what felt like a food addiction many years ago, Jon Gabriels' wisdom confirms a lot of what I suspected.... indeed my body played a large part in driving my behavior.

Changing the vicious cycle and achieving body health is a three fold exercise:

  • Gain an understanding of any thought patterns that might contribute
  • Give your body the nutrients it is craving. Don't 'diet'... diet's don't work!
  • Give your body the opportunity to enjoy movement, sunshine, and fresh air.

That formula might sound extremely simple, if not baffling. Well it is simple... and Gabriel explains the 'baffling' bit in simple understandable terms.

Once you've digested the clear logic of the science behind the concept, you'll likely be as surprised as I am that it has taken so long for someone to step up and explain this to the masses.

Although my days of battling with food are long gone, The Gabriel Method got me so excited. A big part of my excitement is that someone, Jon Gabriel, is getting this important message out to people and in a format that is so easily assimilated.

In my mind, The Gabriel Method is a book for everyone. Read it, savor it, and share it.

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