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The Lightworkers Way by Doreen Virtue

The Lightworkers Way by Doreen Virtue is a book I'd never heard of before the day that I found it on my desk. Subtitled 'Awakening your spiritual power to know and heal', I wondered if the person who left it there knew something that he thought I should also know.

The timing was impeccable... just the day before I'd been researching, looking for more information on metaphysical healing and energy healers. And no, I hadn't mentioned this fact to anyone! And now here it was, one of the spiritual healing books that not only gave me information I was looking for, but also offered to awaken me to my own spiritual power for metaphysical healing.

That evening I started to read about the power of prayer, the role of the ego, infinite mind, and mind body healing. Fortunately the next day was Easter Friday, a perfect day to curl up with a spiritual awakening book and continue to savor it's pages.

Doreen Virtue takes you on a journey through 30 or so years of her life. She talks about her childhood beginnings in Sunday School, and how her own knowledge and experience of being a lightworker grew and faltered numerous times through the years. By exposing what may be perceived as her own shortcomings, as well as successes, her message is all that more tangible. She comes across like a real person, just like you and me. And she is certain that her spiritual power is nothing unique, rather something that can be awakened in anyone who hears the calling. It seems reasonable to agree with her.

Some of the highlights for me in The Lightworkers Way:

  • The reminder that much healing from medicine is due to the placebo affect, therefore many medicines may simply be an intermediary form to put your faith in
  • Exercise for chakra healing / cleansing
  • Encouragement to further explore the magic power of believing for your own good

"The fact is, there is nothing of us but belief. It is the whole capital and stock in trade of man. It is all that can be changed, and embraces everything man has made or ever will make. People never seem to have thought of the fact that they are responsible to themselves for their belief. To analyze their belief is to know themselves, which is the greatest study of man. There is one thing that man is ignorant of... It is this: that he is a sufferer from his own belief, not knowingly, but by his own consent."
Phineas Quimby

There is no doubt that our human experience and life on earth is an incredible dance between the physical and spiritual. Doreen Virtue is reaching out to challenge and stretch our knowledge and beliefs around this. Her aim in The Lightworkers Way is to encourage us to greater spiritual growth and development, and to continue on sharing that with the other versions of our selves, that is, all of humankind :).

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