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You can relax... it's impossible to fail The Passion Test! Authors Janet and Chris Attwood's guide to finding your passion outlines a task that is achievable for everyone. And not only is it achievable, it is a fun journey that I'll definitely be trekking again.

Many people, myself included, have struggled at one point or another with finding life passion. And if it is found, then comes the next great task... 'what to do about it'.

The Passion Test very capably fleshes out the subject of finding your passion and then living it. Of course the premise is that everyone has passion that can be identified, focused on, acted on, enjoyed, and the greater fruits from living it can be reaped.

The Attwoods outline, explain, and guide you every step of the way with clarity and insight.

They first introduce a simple strategy for you to identify your passions. You are encouraged to relax and not worry about how deep and profound your passions are, which I think is an excellent distinction. It's suggested you just identify any passions that you may be aware of to start with.

The system is basically a way for you to subjectively measure and prioritize your life passions. Now don't worry if you are uncertain whether you could possibly identify your passions... Attwood makes it all seem very easy.

For the second step, you are encouraged to run with your passion and look for ways to engage it. Whenever you see opportunity to move in the direction of your passion, you are to always choose in favor of the option that involves your passion. In this way, you keep moving and growing towards your passions. Makes sense doesn't it?!

It's recommended you take the passion test on a regular basis, as Janet states that peoples passions change over time (I can certainly relate to this!). Over time, as you become more adept at living the passions you have recognized, then deeper core passions you have will naturally emerge.

The Passion Test is full of rich and interesting stories that epitomize the process of living your passions. The inspiring short stories are true accounts of what happens when people focus on what they love doing. Some stories shared have been sent to Janet from participants of The Passion Test seminars that have been held around the world, and others from well known personalities in personal development. The stories are rife with synchronicity, hope, happiness, and life success. Certainly they are inspiring.

Two of my favorite insights were offered by:

  • Marci Shimoff - author of Happy for no Good Reason

    • Simply start where you are. Imbue every moment of your daily tasks with a sentiment of attention and appreciation. This gives you the experience of happiness in the moment, which is a natural counterpart to cultivating a passionate life. Passion and happiness are available in every moment, not just with the achievement of a goal.
  • Dr John Hagelin - Quantum physicist and educator

    • Passion can be cultivated. As you put your attention on something, and develop skill and growth in that area, then it is natural that your passion for it will increase. Your progress, expansion, and enjoyment feeds your passion and vice versa.

Other excerpts from interviews and teachings of professionals in the field, include:

  • Byron Katie - author of The Work
  • Stephen M R Covey - author of Speed of Trust
The Passion Test also offers some excellent reasons for following your life passion... as if fun wasn't reason enough :). Science has documented that it is good for your health and well-being.

It probably isn't much of a surprise that your brain chemicals make you feel happy when you focus on what you love. This spreads good vibes throughout your body and cultivates healthy cells. At the same time, the destructive emotions of fear, depression, and stress are reduced. With this combination, there is greater coherence and less 'noise' in your brain and you are able to think more clearly. This echoes the findings of the effects of health benefits of meditation and the work of Dr Bruce Lipton.

All in all, an easy sensible read that delivers good quality content and exercises for anyone debating 'where to next'.

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