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Practicing The Power Of Now

This companion to bestseller The Power Of Now is a condensed 140 pages of Tolle's essential teachings for awakening to our higher selves.
Practicing the Power of Now: Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises from the Power of NowAudiobook

The pair of personal development books work together to present an excellent case for living in the now. Some people say that having read both, Practicing The Power Of Now really provides the punch necessary, and they dismiss the need to wade through the length and breadth of the foundation work.

The companion is certainly packed full with insight, meditations and exercises to open your mind and stretch you outside your habitual thinking.

If you just want the bones of the message and time is of the essence :), then this may well be the only one you want.

I was delighted by the way that Tolle wove his understanding through the pages and teased the mind into acrobatics to imagine the unimaginable. One of my 'aha's' was:

Now is the only time there ever is.
When we experienced everything in our past,
we were in the now, then.
We can presently imagine our future, and when we get there,
it will still be 'now'. Now is the only time we ever have.
We are indeed living in an eternity of Now. I love that idea...
an eternity of now.

Eckhart Tolle's advice on how to read the book, is perfect. He says to approach it slowly in a meditative manner, allowing yourself to pause and reflect. The mind needs a bit of space to limber up in order to jump through the hoops and over the high bars. And sometimes thoughts just need to step out of the way and let your intuitive creative side imagine a new state.

The new state of consciousness that Tolle purports is living the liberated life, a life free of suffering heretofore induced by the bondage of collective mind-patterns. He paints a compelling picture that freedom from this is available to everyone, yet only in a very specific time. You guessed it... that time is now. If we live completely in the present moment, we hold the potential to experience the untold power that is only available here in the present.

Living in the present relieves our mind of worry, strife, fear, regret and countless other weighty issues. With this, you begin to realize that you are not these thoughts. Recognizing that you are not your mind is the beginning of freedom. In the forward, the author suggests:

"You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm
of intelligence beyond thought,
that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence.
You also realize that all the things that truly matter
- beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace - arise from beyond the mind.
You begin to awaken."

It's clear that Tolle has experienced a powerful awakening. The passion of sharing his vision comes through in the care he takes in explaining the ideas in Practicing The Power Of Now. His view is open and inviting. The concepts are beyond the ties of any particular group or doctrine, and presented with integrity for all who will listen and partake.

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