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The Secret Movie by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret movie by Rhonda Byrne popularized the law of attraction (LOA) in 2006. The dvd was produced in a sort of documentary style, interviewing numerous new age thinkers and tying it all together with inspirational quotes, fitting images and rousing sound effects.

The greatest gift I believe that this law of attraction dvd delivered to the public was that it inspired millions to think outside the box, and to consider greater possibilities for life than what they had been. It certainly spoke to our imaginations. And I believe it touched our spiritual core... that part of us that knows we are only glimpsing the surface of this magical life experience we're walking through. For that I applaud it wholeheartedly.

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Since The Secret movie there's been a lot of debate about this metaphysical law of attraction. The 'basest' understanding people gathered in regard to putting the law of attraction in action was simply to think about something with passion, do it consistently, and it will be attracted into your life. This idea raised many questions, foremost amongst them was "does the law of attraction work", and "if so, how does one go about applying the law of attraction?"

The message that The Secret movie by Rhonda Byrne touted sounded incredibly simple,... think about it and it will come about. It seemed it was this blatant simplification that ired many people who refuted the concept. Perhaps the most extreme statement of opposition came from Physicist Ali Alousi who questioned the likelihood that thoughts can affect anything outside the head.

Well, that in itself is a gross over simplification because of course we know that our thoughts affect a myriad of things outside of our head. Having power and affect through personal interaction with life is ongoing, and it stems from our thoughts.

Four ways your thoughts certainly have impact:

  1. It is a well known fact that our brains, when active, create electrical activity. This has been measured in science through EEG's. Now, researchers in Japan have successfully harnessed brain waves to control the movements of a wheelchair. So now, the electromagnetic energy of your thoughts can visibly and scientifically be seen to immediately affect things outside of your head. What fun that is!
  2. Thoughts direct attention to things outside of your head. It's a simple and well respected principle... if a child is consumed with thoughts about Barbie Dolls then she will likely become very aware of all the information about the dolls that crosses her path. This fact of becoming aware hints at the next level of impact our thoughts have on our world.
  3. When our focus is consumed with an idea, we generally want it to fill our lives, so we actively pursue more knowledge about it.
  4. Finally, this takes our thoughts further on the journey to what we desire... from mere information gathering and learning, to taking action in order to achieve our goal.

The LOA may sound far too simplified when you hear one of the The Secret movie's speakers, Esther Hicks, espouse 'that which is like unto itself is drawn'. However, exploring the affects your thoughts have each step of the way from your dream to your achievement as outlined above, you can quite easily recognize the practical chain of events that occur when applying the law of attraction. These clearly show you are indeed in the creative drivers seat.

Do we have any greater potential to more magically manifest through putting the law of attraction in action? I believe we regularly brush shoulders with our inner wizard at work in the universe. We catch glimpses of untapped powers when a synchronistic event occurs, or when we realize we forgot to turn on our phone and as we do a call arrives, or when we have an aha moment that opens up a new world to our way of thinking and being. My experience with the most amazing magical occurrences have been when I've been expressing unconditional love... that seems to me a driver of lifes greatest magic.

We are definitely spiritual beings having a mystical physical adventure... perhaps it would be better stated as 'we are spiritual children'. We obviously have much to learn, and isn't learning fun in itself? And, it seems to me that the more we learn, the more fun it becomes. How about we hang around having fun together, make the most we can of the message from The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and other rich personal development resources, and transform the world to a haven of peace?

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