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True Short Stories of Personal Developmen

What are the inspiring true short stories that have come out of your life, and how have they changed you?

We're looking for the valuable life lessons that apply to positive self development. We all have them... the time we learned about sharing, or trusting, or being compassionate, or being strong, or loving, or being accepting, or supporting... the list goes on, and we evolve :)

Let's hear the inspiring short stories of your personal development.

And you can read the inspiring true life stories of others.


My Own Life Stories Inspiring My Personal Development

  • Leadership Quality of Non Judgement

    It's good that I'm writing this leadership quality article. Or is it 'good'. That could be a value judgment, and far be it from me to judge!

  • Powerful Personal Leadership Trait

    The telling question as to whether you possess this leadership trait is: "Are you doing what you want to, every moment of every day?"

  • Monomyth

    The monomyth experience, complete with rich bounty, is available for everyone of us willing to discover our inner hero. Most people do not recognize nor acknowledge the fact that each of us wield a dynamic power that can work to positively transform our own lives, and our world. Embracing our highest life purpose is a pivotal step.

  • Simple Abundance

    Some enriching thoughts and feelings from an unexpected trip to the shoreline... I hadnít planned on walking the busy beach, but the mini festival of life playing out on it was wonderfully enticing.

  • Applying the Law of Attraction

    In applying the law of attraction successfully, what parts are passion, affirmations, and belief, and how much is action and follow through? Read my account of the law of attraction in action.

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