True Short Stories Inspiring Change in You

What are the inspiring true short stories that have come out of your life, and how have they changed you?

We're looking for the valuable life lessons that apply to positive self development. We all have them... the time we learned about sharing, or trusting, or being compassionate, or being strong, or loving, or being accepting, or supporting... the list goes on, and we evolve :)

Let's hear the inspiring short stories of your personal development.

And you can read the inspiring true life stories of others.

What's Your Inspiring True Short Story?

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Everyone knows that inspiration creates hope for people. Share the wonderful insights that you have had through living your life. This helps shed light on possibilities for others, and reassures people that we can learn, grow and improve, and enjoy the journey!

Tell your true inspirational short story to not only make someone's day but positively impact their personal development.

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Inspirational True Short Stories Other Visitors Have Written

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Look Good To Feel Good 
"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer Through real life learning this has become my mantra... look …

Miracle By Chance 
A Story of Love Destined to Be! This is a 'true story' about how I met my Husband on a dating site on the Internet. It's the unbelievable story behind …

Inspiration: A Doctor Patient Role Reversal Part Two 
He explained that the doctor asked him what it would take for him to go along with the operation and stop complaining. He told the doctor he would need …

Inspiration: A Doctor Patient Role Reversal Part One 
My great uncle Jim was a very difficult man and an even more difficult hospital patient. But a lot of his bad temper and his irritating comments were due …

Airport Difficulties 
Please cut me some slack. I'm not a writer, just a girl with a story to share. I recently spent a few weeks studying Spanish in Salamanca, Spain. Overall …

Visualization and Parkinson Disease 
I have Parkinson's Disease, a scary thought but even scarier reality. Diagnosed in 1996, this nasty affliction can turn your brain to mush and send your …

Positive Struggle 
When I was thirteen my mom told my family that she had to tell us something. So my brother, dad, sister and I all sat down on the big chunky green …

My Vehicle Runs on Sweat  
That place had no taxi nor auto providing transport for short distances. One had to take to the 'cycle rickshaw'. I called out for that old man in the …

5 short lines 
True short story of personal development ... High school is not really a fun memory to me. I achieved my desired grades in order not to flunk to a …

'A House in a Day' Ambition... a true inspirational story 
I have a friend I will call Joe. I grew up in the same little town, and went to school with him. He has a severely handicapped older brother I will call …

From a 23 year drug addiction to a life with Christ 
James Hogancamp Personal Testimony A personal testimony written by James Hogancamp From a 23 year drug addiction to a life with Christ I started using …

Beyond Barriers – Finding Love At 40 
"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built." – Rumi This is a real life love …

Can Strength Serve?: The Walk With 405lbs To Overcome Paralysis!!! 
King Davis initiated a petition on entitled "Can Strength Serve." The link follows: …

Repartee is the Gift 
Repartee is a gift... and can lift the spirits... especially when it flows with innocent spontaneity. I parked my car and was crossing over to reach …

second chance 
My name is Bryan, this is a true story about how I got saved. First you need to know that I was born with spina bifida, it's a birth defect where the …

Real Story Of (John David Leopard's Life) 
It started back in 1994. My brother John David Leopard was in a gang and he fought every day almost got hooked on drugs and alcohol. John was very young …

Photo by AColvin When Hannah was just a tot, she loved walking along the beach & picking up seashells. Every shell, no matter how broken, was …

Distant Memories 
I hate this town. It's filled with memories I'd rather forget. Every day that I spend at school is no different. I feel that six hours of my life is wasted …

Changing Your Beliefs Opens New Worlds 
Changing your beliefs can definitely open up opportunities that would have never been available to you before. Life Coach, Paulette Archer, has this …

Coping With Adversity 
Life has given me some unexpected and valuable lessons in coping with adversity . For many years I enjoyed a successful career in Finance, Human Resources …

Fear of Confrontation 
The fear of confrontation may have played a role in letting a bad work related habit continue. But it did not block the inspiration from a most unexpected …

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Send Me a Sign 'Send me a sign' is something that many people plead to their loved ones who have died. Read this inspirational story about how this woman's pleas were answered.

Things to be Thankful For Some of the greatest things to be thankful for are the simplest things of life... relationships with people and animals, and life in the natural elements!

True Short Story Inspiring Personal Development This true short story, Patient Observations by Jurek Leon, reminds us that the opportunity for personal development is available with every encounter, every moment, with every person, every day.

Good News Stories Change Lives... and sometimes in unpredictable ways. This good news of the day positively impacted a number of lives, and one of those was the reporter, Peter Buckley.

Let Your Light Shine In order to let your light shine, a great first step is to 'make up your mind' that it is okay to shine your light. Ask yourself.. do you have good reasons to not shine your light?

Controlling Others It's tempting to try controlling others, especially if those 'others' are your kids, spouse, or an employee. Some would say it even makes sense to control them. Well read this inspirational story by Tim McGrath, and think again...

My Own Life Stories Inspiring My Personal Development

  • Leadership Quality of Non Judgement
    It's good that I'm writing this leadership quality article. Or is it 'good'. That could be a value judgment, and far be it from me to judge!

  • Powerful Personal Leadership Trait
    The telling question as to whether you possess this leadership trait is: "Are you doing what you want to, every moment of every day?"

  • Monomyth
    The monomyth experience, complete with rich bounty, is available for everyone of us willing to discover our inner hero. Most people do not recognize nor acknowledge the fact that each of us wield a dynamic power that can work to positively transform our own lives, and our world. Embracing our highest life purpose is a pivotal step.

  • Simple Abundance
    Some enriching thoughts and feelings from an unexpected trip to the shoreline... I hadn’t planned on walking the busy beach, but the mini festival of life playing out on it was wonderfully enticing.

  • Applying the Law of Attraction
    In applying the law of attraction successfully, what parts are passion, affirmations, and belief, and how much is action and follow through? Read my account of the law of attraction in action.

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