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True Wealth or False Economy

Has your true wealth been ravaged by the economy in the past decade. Certainly lot's of people have lost millions of dollars of wealth... how does that relate to real wealth?

Some people feel like they have lost everything, and in financial terms maybe they have.

There is no doubt that losing what one has worked long and hard to attain can be wrenching and painful.

So what is an alternative perspective, rather than only seeing the picture as one of loss and devastation?
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True Wealth vs Happiness?

A few months ago I was talking to my father on skype. The topic of the share market came up and I asked how they were faring in the downturn.

He kind of chuckled and said "Well we're only losing a few thousand dollars each day now, and if it keeps going like this for much longer we won't have to worry because we won't have anything left to lose."

At that moment I realized that what I experienced 9 years ago was what so many are experiencing today. Because of that, it wasn't sympathy that I was going to dish out. Rather, I said, "You know that I lost all my money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, in 2000 and haven't recouped it, and yet... I've never been happier."

His quick response, with a hearty laugh was "Yes, but I don't think I want to be that happy!"

Well of course there is no sliding scale that says the less money you have the happier you are!

The point is, it's possible to not have money yet still live a life filled with happiness when you know how to be happy.

There are other measurements of wealth besides money, and on your path of personal development you are sure to meet them.

Natural Wealth

A few days after that conversation, I was lounging in my room in the country, enjoying the variety of birds song just outside and drinking in the fragrant scent of the frangipani that was wafting through my open window. And I was thinking about true wealth.

The natural world is such an amazing gift for us to experience, explore and enjoy, and I was feeling rich and fortunate in being able to appreciate it.

I remembered a phrase that I'd recently heard;

"No matter how much money one has
or doesn't have,
the same sun still rises
for everyone,
the same full moon graces their nights,
the birds sing just as melodious
for each of them,
and the waves will wash their feet...
... one and all."

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The rich and wonderful gifts of nature are incredible, and independent of financial wealth. An absolutely lovely perk to being alive, yes. And I also knew there was much more to consider about real wealth.

Personal Wealth

A few weeks later, I was laying down to sleep in a small bedroom where I was staying in town, next to a busy road. It was Saturday night and the sounds of suped up car engines were roaring by, bass boom boxes were thumping down the street, along with the occasional horn. Again... I was thinking about true wealth.

What came to mind was that the key to true personal wealth is related to the key to happiness. If you look for wealth 'outside of yourself' to fulfill you, you may very well be left lacking. Whereas if you first come to know real wealth within yourself, chances are you will always feel rich. Yes.. even when the noisy street scape may seem to be a rally car track between you and dreamland :).

Lormier's quote really drives the point home:

"It's good to have money and the things money can buy,
but it's good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven't lost the things money can't buy."
George Horace Lormier

What about those treasures in your life that money can't buy...

  • the loving glance you share with someone close
  • your talents and skills
  • peace with your neighbors
  • friendship that you have had forever, or.. for a day
  • the contentment in having 'made someone's day' with a simple act of kindness
  • your stability of mind
  • your easy gentle breath
  • the understanding you have gained through the ups and downs of your life
  • time and opportunity
  • and so much more...

When you look at that list, it's easy to appreciate the magnitude of wealth available to each of us.

Personal wealth is a given... and it is in your hands to see it and appreciate it. Don't let it remain buried treasure.

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True Wealth, Thank You

Imagine for a moment that you never had both financial wealth and inner wealth at the same time, or even either... say you had nothing. Then, miraculously you were offered a taste of each and told you could have one or the other. ie. the things money can buy or the things money can't buy. I think you would have a pretty easy time picking! I know my dad would be giddy with the riches he was given.

Fortunately, it's not a choice that is demanded of us.

The point is, if we had to, it's important to know that it is possible to not only eke by. Rather, you can actually enjoy an amazing fulfilling rewarding life, overflowing with true wealth that continually streams from the gift of life and who you are.

Recognizing true wealth is cleaning the fog of mis-perception from your vision. Appreciating it is a joyful parade toward inner peace.

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