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Belief Paradigms - Us Vs Them? - Is There Another Way?

The mindset of us vs them is deeply entrenched in the world today. Whenever you get one side resisting another, you can be sure they hold opposing belief paradigms at their core.

Although I do not condone war, I took the time to watch a video on ted.com presented by an army General who paints it as a masterpiece. He holds that armies are necessary in order to build and sustain peace. He believes the machinery of war is the way to make an 'active contribution' towards peace. As you can imagine, heated comments, both pro and con this viewpoint, are being written below the video.

I left the comment that there is another way we can make an active contribution to peace, with no need of guns, along with a link to the Global Coherence Initiative.

The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project
to unite people in heart-focused care and intention,
to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord
to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

The Changing World

So if I don't condone war, why go watch someone talk about it? You could just as well ask "Why listen to your teenager justify their drug use"? Because we want to better understand so we can look for the most helpful response.

The thing is, humanity is evolving (check out Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman). Some people are still convinced it's necessary to drop missiles out of the air in a battle of us vs them. Others already embracing new belief paradigms might like more people to 'hurry up and see there is another way', but telling people they're wrong isn't part of the solution. That's just another version of us vs them.

People don't change beliefs simply because someone like you or I might tell them to. The time people adopt a new way of thinking is when they understand the principles behind it, and the value associated with it. Everyone in the world is only being who they understand to be, acting in ways they associate with value in their lives. Because of this, no one is wrong... we're just at many different points along the axis of understanding.

Changing Belief Paradigms

What Belief Paradigms did the Ancients Embrace?

This got me thinking about the present, future, and past belief paradigms of civilizations. I had to wonder if what we're evolving into is, in some ways, a return to what has been known before. Consider the consciousness of ancient civilizations... Atlantis, the Egyptian's and their pyramids, and of course our ancestors who have given us the Mayan Calendar.

These peoples obviously had very different belief paradigms to the one embraced by the 'civilized' world today. What those beliefs were, we can only surmise. We do know their beliefs led them down paths of discovery and creation of things that we do not yet fully understand.

Hypothesis abound, and I find such ideas ripe additions to my musings. Take for example the theory that the mammoth stones in the pyramids were transported by sound vibration. Many people would no doubt laugh at such a suggestion. But what do we know? Our belief paradigms haven't guided us to thoroughly explore all possibilities of sound energy. Even as a theory it makes our main energy source, digging up the earth and burning it, sound quite juvenile.

Our Juvenile World

And that is pretty much where I think we're at... a world full of juveniles. Have you tried lately to tell a strong willed juvenile what to do? I remember myself as one... I certainly didn't make a habit of asking for advice, nor taking it. I had to learn for myself. Despite not making it easy for myself, nor for the very best meaning of parents, I lived and learned. It wasn't always sweet, it wasn't always pretty, and it certainly wasn't all painless. Welcome to 2012.

Fortunately, many people are eagerly helping birth the world in this evolution... you no doubt are one of them. By banishing the us vs them attitude, and acting with understanding minds and compassionate hands and hearts, we're raising a responsible world.

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