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Is the Value of Giving Underrated?

How many people do you think really know the incredible power and value of giving, and... incorporate it into their daily lives? Do you?

I know it's an ongoing practice for me... sometimes I'm great and other times I have to wonder how I forget to incorporate such an important basic as the act of giving!

This week I've had my eyes opened once again to the powerful law of giving and receiving. Each time this happens I seem to understand this principle just a bit better and deeper.

The value of giving

So I've decided to share a reminder, thinking it may do the same for you.

Of course the first thing I do when planning to write on a topic is jump onto one of my favorite internet research tools to do some keyword research. This helps me determine how people will best be able to find my article. In this instance, my article on giving and receiving.

A surprising thing I found during keyword research was that not many people are searching for information on the power and value of giving.

This made me wonder if everyone *knows* that giving is a powerful positive force in life.... just like they know that 'an apple a day will keep the doctor away'! Maybe they feel they don't need to read or research about the law of giving and receiving. And it made me wonder if people action the principle of giving (or not)... just like they do (or not) with eating an apple a day. That is... it's so easy to know and pay lip service to, but perhaps because it's so simple, it's high worth and usefulness is dismissed.

Value of Giving in Your Life

What is becoming more and more apparent to me is that giving is like a pump that circulates the energy of life. Like your heart that circulates your vital nutrient rich blood through your body, the act of giving helps the vital energy of life and love flow and circulate.

The way I see it, the greatest value from the law of giving and receiving reveals itself in the following ways:

  1. Helping another person shows obvious benefits for the one that receives.

    • There is obvious value that appears in the life of the person who was given the gift or assistance. A simple example which thousands of people do every day is donating to under privileged children's funds.

      This money goes towards helpful causes such as providing food, clean water, shelter, and education for these children. These outcomes create obvious value from the act of giving.

  2. How it nurtures relationships. When you give, you nurture your:

    • relationship with yourself
    • relationship to others
    • relationship with life

    Giving fosters healthy and rewarding relationships by building:

    • appreciation
    • trust
    • thankfulness

    You can be sure that where ever you give, you are building that relationship. And from where ever you receive, you are also involved in building that relationship. In all situations, you are learning more about yourself and how you participate and impact the world, therefore building your relationship with yourself.

  3. Giving encourages you to feel good about your self:

    • Simply by doing good, people feel a moral uplifting about themselves. It's a self justification of your own intrinsic worth when you witness yourself helping another.

  4. Benefits received by the 'giver', in return from the universe in lieu of their act of giving:
    • Practice giving and watch closely to see what you receive back from life. The two may not be directly related, but life is enriching you in relation to your generosity of spirit. Watch and be thankful for what you receive. Take stock at the end of everyday, and be surprised at the riches life is delivering to your doorstep.

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