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What Causes Stress?

When you ask 'what causes stress', the simple answer is that challenges cause stress. Something has changed or been introduced that you now have to deal with. It's challenging you on a physical, spiritual, emotional or intellectual level, and you are having to adjust to it.

what causes stressWhen you dig a bit deeper, you most often discover that stress is actually a symptom. Every challenge that stresses you holds a hint of what stress is a symptom of.

If you are serious about relieving stress, you'll further explore what causes stress. You'll learn that the primary and main cause of stress in modern society is a challenge of something specific that can be identified in every persons life.

What is Stress Caused By?

Minor stress can be a response to a positive stress challenge, technically called eustress. What causes stress in these instances are usually less demanding situations that have a positive outcome.

What causes troublesome stress symptoms usually arise out of what are considered negative stressors. Such distress generally comes from difficult challenges in life that you have not asked for nor planned for.

Let's look at examples of what causes stress discomfort in 4 main areas where you suffer symptoms of negative stressors:

  1. Your physical condition is less than what the situation and/or your lifestyle demands. - If your diet, exercise, and rest habits are not taking care of your physical needs, you are much more susceptible to suffer from stress.

    An obvious physical example of distress is an accident causing bodily harm, or an illness. Your body is physically challenged with an unwanted situation. It may be a loss of blood, limb, organ, or an invasion of virus, or cancer for example. It is a threat to your well being. Your body is struggling to maintain itself, which in turn leads to emotional and mental stress.

  2. Emotionally you are feeling drained and unable to cope. - Being emotionally overwhelmed and tired reduces your tolerance to discomfort, disagreements, and the unknown.

    A break up of a loving relationship, death of a loved one, and loss of a job are all prime contributors to feelings of emotional stress.

  3. Mentally you are challenged with problems. - When your brain is always busy and fighting for answers, stress strikes.

    It might be that you are working on a problem at work and haven't been able to find the right solution. Perhaps it's a relationship problem where you are trying to understand your partner. Or, perhaps you haven't been able to find a financial solution for sending your kids to college.

  4. Spiritually you feel lost. - If you cannot grasp a meaning for your life, nor be at peace with eternity, you can feel very distressed.

You can read a list of many instances of what causes stress for individuals at: main causes of stress. You'll recognize many events on the list that make people search for ideas on how to relieve stress in their lives.

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of stress, the core explanation of it's occurrence is basically the same. Stress is a demand on you greater than you are able to comfortably process.

Learning About Stress Management Techniques

So you have uninvited negative stress in your life.... Join the club, it's a big one! Even though it's uninvited stress, it's important to recognize that experiencing the situation as stressful, or not, is ultimately up to you. You are the one responsible for doing something about your state, be it stressed or peaceful.

That may sound harsh blurted out on it's own. Of course help is available. Yet, you are your own biggest helper. Natural stress relief is a reality, and it's within your grasp. I suggest you now explore the answer to 'what is stress management counting on' in our modern society. Goodness knows that it's purpose of making us fight or flee is rarely of use for us now.

AND... This is where we stop to recognize that stress is actually a symptom itself. Understanding 'what stress is a symptom of' is a key understanding in order to grasp the most productive ways to manage stress, and implement potent stress management techniques.

So when someone asks you 'what causes stress', you can share the news that it is a response to demanding situations, and it's also more than that. And if you follow this journey of learning that you have now begun, you'll also discover and be able to share the good news that finding inner peace through understanding is achievable!

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