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Your Personal Word of Wisdom

Yep, you can have a personal word of wisdom for the year! And more than just have one, it will help you:

  • gather your focus and more clearly see your next step
  • feel inspired to take that next step
  • be in touch with why you are doing what you are doing

On the second day of the new year a girlfriend and I caught up for a beach side walk and breakfast. We were talking about what we are aiming for and want to achieve this year.

She said that in planning her annual goals, she always digs a bit deeper to better see what's behind them. Then she comes up with one word that sums up an intention for her around that goal.

For example, she has a goal to watch less TV this year because she thinks it's often a waste of time. She looked at 'why' she watches TV. It was easy to identify that it was to relax... it gave here time to just 'zone out'. Nothing wrong with relaxing :).

That's what she really wants more of in her goal box... healthy relaxation.

So, instead of heavy-handedly making her goal 'to ban herself from watching TV', she turns it around to look for new and healthy ways to enjoy relaxation. One of her words of wisdom this year is Relaxing.

My Word of Wisdom

A word of wisdom I uncovered for myself this year is Giving.

For example, one of my goals is to:

  • Call at least 2 friends per week and chat about their work and family

(This format is typical of the cold hard facts of SMART goals... Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely).

What I want to achieve by calling them is to 'grow my friendships by giving them time and care'. The most important ingredient for me in that statement is 'giving'. Giving is my personal word of wisdom for the year.

When I look at my other aims, I see that Giving features largely in many frames:

  • Have regular exercise and eat organic food - giving myself the best opportunity for good health
  • Do more life coaching and personal development presentations - giving others tools for their growth and fulfillment
  • To build a greater sense of contribution - by giving what and when I can, whether money, time, energy, ideas, knowledge

The Role of Wise Words in Personal Development

When you focus on words of wisdom as opposed to a task, you are focusing on 'being' the quality, rather than 'doing' or 'not doing' a specific action (ie. not watching TV, calling 2 friends).

As we know, Being is at the beginning of Be, Do, Have. So let's start at the beginning... let's BE who we see that we want to be!

'Doing' naturally follows being, and that's when you take action... inspired focused action based on what’s important to you... your WHY.

These words become our daily words of wisdom, our transformational touchstones... tailored perfectly to our personal needs.

What word is behind your goals this year. Who are you wanting to Be this year. Email YOUR word of wisdom, say how it relates to your goals, and I'll share it here.

ps. If you want help with identifying your personal word of wisdom, email Inspired Personal Development.

Readers Words of Wisdom

Letting GO

"I concurred with all your list - but more specifically the third one. And the rest of my list would be:

  • More emotional health - by letting go of the past, of hurts and mistaken beliefs
  • More release (letting go) from habits and things that hinder me
  • More healthy mutually endorsing relationships, male and female - by letting go of some 'unhealthy' relationships and making room in my life for healthier ones
  • Being more prepared 'to risk' and therefore grow - being more prepared to 'let go' of certainty

So from that I think my personal wisdom word would be 'Letting GO' - and walking forward"


What's MY word of wisdom for 2009? (Jan 03 2009)...

It's "CHANGE"... Had a moment of revelation this week when I realised that my 75 years of life have been of my own making, i.e. unconsciously self-induced, self-styled. Accepting responsibility for events without recrimination, I am now excited to know that I am able to create - co-create - the future.
Best wishes to all, Janet

What's Your Word of Wisdom?

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